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Source: Data and Statistics in AI in 2023. Forbes Advisor.,technologies%20in%20the%20coming%20years.


Set up the quote. Give the quote with quote marks. Mention the source Forbes Advisor. Add the source and link at the end of your page.

ChatGPT Prompts and Ideas:

I want you to act as an educational content creator. You will need to create engaging and informative content for learning materials such as textbooks, online courses, and lecture notes. My first suggestion request is "I need help developing a lesson plan on NC Math 2 for high school students."

I want you to act as a proofreader. I will provide you texts and I would like you to review them for any spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. Once you have finished reviewing the text, provide me with any necessary corrections or suggestions to improve the text.

I want you to act as a life coach. I will provide some details about my current situation and goals, and it will be your job to come up with strategies that can help me make better decisions and reach those objectives. This could involve offering advice on various topics, such as creating plans for achieving success or dealing with difficult emotions. My first request is "I need help developing strategies for managing anger and stress."

I want you to act as an AI writing tutor. I will provide you with  student who needs help improving their writing and your task is to use artificial intelligence tools such as natural language procesing to give the student feedback on how they can improve their composition. You should also use your rhetorical knowledge and experience about effective writing techniques in order to suggest ways that the student can better express their thoughts and ideas in written form. My first request is "I need help with constructing a debate on school uniforms."

I want you to act as a math teacher. I will provide some mathematical equations or concepts, and it will be jour job to explain them in easy-to-understand terms. This could include providing step-by-step instructions for solving a problem, demonstrating various techniques with visuals or suggesting online resources for further study. My first request is "I need help understanding how quadratic functions work."

You are a quiz creator of highly diagnostic quizzes. You will make good low stakes tests and diagnostics. Write several multiple choice questions to quiz the audience on finance. The questions should be highly relevant and go beyond just facts. Multiple choice questions should include plausible, competitive alternate responses and should not include an "all of the above" option. At the end of the quiz, you will provide an answer key and explain the right answer.

As a college professor, explain finance in simple terms. Explain to me as if I'm a beginner at the high school level.

Generate a list of potential essay or debate topics (insert assignment) along with a brief outline of main points to be discussed.

Teach me quadratic functions and include a test at the end, but don't give me the answers and then tell me if I got the answer right when I respond. Explain the correct answer.

Solve this math problem (insert) and explain each step in detail on how you solved it.

Generate the best prompts for GPT-4 on (insert topic)

I want to learn about (insert topic). Identify and explain the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me to understand 80% of it.

I want to learn NC Math 2 for high school. I have learned NC Math 1 (or I am a complete beginner). Create a 30 day learning plan that will help a beginner like me learn and improve this skill.

Explain a step-by-step systematic approach for solving (insert problem or challenge).

Come up wiiht unique and innovative content ideas that are unconventional for my beauty tool so I can go viral in instagram.

I have 3 days free in a week and 2 months. Make a crash study plan diving into NC Math 2 for high school.

Create step-by-step guides to document my process for the following tasks.

Assume you are (insert famous person or teacher). Give me feedback and advice on the following topic. Answer me from his point of view and adopt his psychology.

I am writing a blog post about (insert topic). Give me an outline for this blog post with 10 bullet points. Also, give me 5 options for a catchy headline.

Explain this formula, operation, concept, etc. so I can understand it better.

Act as a motivational coach. Here are my goals and challenges. Come up with strategies to help me achieve my goals while maintaining life balance and emotional equilibrium. Include positive affirmations, giving helpful advice, or suggesting actions to take.

Create a table. Create a table with the 15 biggest American cities. In the first column, put the name of the city, in the second the area of the city, and in the third the state in which it is located.

Brainstorm ideas for posts I could do on Instagram as an online strategy and innovation expert. Each time give me a catchphrase for the first line of the description.

You are an AI designed to help online strategy and innovation. Generate a list of the 10 best prompts for yourself. The prompts should be about the best strategies for growing an online program in higher education.

For Online Strategy and Innovation

I want you to act as a higher education consultant. University faculty are faced with urgent questions regarding how to respond to AI practical applications and impact in higher education. I want you to provide university faculty and administration with examples of developing the processes, policies, and support to advance positive and impactful uses of AI in educational settings. Explore operational improvements and instructional opportunities. Provide input on new modes of creation, complexity in terms of assessment, evaluation, ethics, fairness, literacies, technology infrastructure and the suitability of the current higher education system to meet ongoing learner needs including the development of new digital literacies. Where will change be most meaningful in both the near and long term? Offer practical planning actions that educators can take to both respond to emerging trends and to plan for a more systematic future. 

I want you to act as a higher education consultant. How can generative AI improve student engagement and motivation? How can university faculty use AI tools to support critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Answer ethical considerations and challenges associated with the use of generative AI in higher education.

Generate a 30 second elevator pitch using the description of my work below. The pitch should be brief, punchy, and compelling. 

(Job Description)

The Instructional Designer will collaborate with faculty subject matter experts on the creation and course life-cycle management for School of Business programs and academic offerings. The work includes using technology-focused learning design and current pedagogical theories to inform project leadership, aligning educational content to program and course learning objectives, consulting on effective instructional strategies, and strategizing appropriate learning technology solutions.

The core responsibilities include providing a vision for impactful instructor-learner interactions with coordination across internal and external stakeholders, vendors, media teams, and other instructional and technology resources. Activity includes ensuring consistency of the Wake Forest brand and pro humanitate spirit throughout educational experiences while reinforcing instructional design as directly related to student success, cultivating character and global mindset, and market readiness. 

Works as an internal consultant managing multiple projects and creatively handling resource and time conflicts with subject matter experts, program directors, media developers, and vendors to create high-quality technology-based content.

Supports the growth of technology enhanced learning experiences in the School of Business by exploring, researching, evaluating, and testing new or emerging technologies.

Create a list of frequently asked questions about what our office does. Answer the questions.

Generate a summary of our office's framework.

Write a script for a training video on what our office does.

Generate a press release announcing our office's VR project and partnership.

Write a script for a video testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Generate a script for a social media video showcasing our office's culture and mindset.

Generate a script for a podcast episode discussing industry trends.

Write a script for a webinar on best practices for using our products.

Write a script for a virtual event to launch our new VR project.

Create a list of potential topics for our office's newsletter.

Write a promotional email to introduce our new product or service.

Generate an email to request a referral or testimonial from a satisfied customer.

Create an email to send to a potential partner to explore collaboration opportunities.

Create an ad campaign to promote the work of our office. Develop key messages, slogans.

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