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Website Features Learning Products

Easy access for products I developed (in collaboration with SMEs) including marketing materials, mLearning and eLearning video modules, coaching and leader self-development tools, team resources, infographics & job aids, and train-the-trainer materials. Click to visit

Textbook used in MBA Leadership Development Program

Power Language: Effective Communication for Executive Development by Kris Shelton is a textbook used consistently since 2003 in the MBA program at Dominican University of California.


Copley, 1st ed. 2003, 2nd ed. 2007, 3rd ed. 2011
ISBN 13: 978-1-58152-810-7
ISBN 10: 1-58152-810-8
Available through Amazon, the publisher, or the Dominican bookstore.


Marketing Collateral Developed for Non-Profit Organization


Here you'll find material and projects I developed for marketing purposes including media infographic, event program, event DVD, sample press release, and excerpts from a marketing strategy presentation delivered at a leadership conference in 2012.


Result: national media reach of over 50k and over $14k in funds raised for the organization.

Blackboard LMS 
e-Learning Samples

Here you'll see the structure and navigation for an online course where I worked as part of an instructional design team to build the navigation and content. 


Also included is a course map infographic I designed as well as excerpts from a course syllabus I converted from a face-to-face setting to online delivery in an earlier version of Blackboard.


Result: accelerated learning and greater engagement for students.

Training Samples from Leadership and Process Improvement Programs 

Included here are samples of course maps, infographics, and pocket references I created for instructor-led leadership development training at Dex Media. 


To facilitate communications in the field during a company restructure project, I developed testimonial posters, a site visit guide for executives, and a project newsletter for project teams. 


Result: accelerated communication from leadership to the front line and critical news updates within the 45 member project teams.


Moodle LMS e-Learning Course Samples 


Here is an e-Learning course I designed and facilitated including developing all navigation and content. The slides show the site home, learning forums, and learning resources, as well as a sample assignment. 


Result: improved workplace communication skills for MBA students and increased preparedness for graduate level communication.


Excerpts from Web-Based Training Module 

These slides show the structure and navigation for a web-based training program designed and implemented at Schneider National, Inc.  


Customized workshop activities also included downloadable Quick Reference Guides and worksheet templates. 


Result: established 90% improvement rate and 91% completion rate as well as cutting communications training costs for corporate and operations employees by 50% over two years.


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